Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A weeks worth of shopping.

I usually go shopping on a monday then do a small top up shop on a friday, but monday was a bank holiday and yesterday i was getting my hair done. Since the fruit bowl was empty and I was running out of salad, milk and bread I figured I should go. As a general rule I set a £200 a month budget for the 5 of us, but if it runs out we won't go hungry I do however feel keeping track helps keep spends low.

First shop sainburys for a 99p boil in the bag brown rice, I was after cooking bacon but it was all big chops and i was after rashers so didn't get any.

Then off to tesco.

£27.60 spent, some of this will roll into next week aswell.

Next shop lidl


£7.64 spent, bananas were on offer at 39p a kg, oranges were on offer at 99p for 1.5kg, blueberries again on offer at 2 for £2 (they also have raspberries on the same deal but out of stock) then ham which is nicer from there and corned beef is only 69p for 10 slices.

Last stop was asda.

Apples we're on offer, plums were reduced, yogurts were ones i couldn't get in tesco and bread is 2 for £1.
Now onto the meat we have a BBQ pack for £8.99 as someone told us the ribs were lovely, in it is 4 steak burgers (each solds for 99p each) 4 pork chops (these are sold for £1.99 each) 1lb of sausages and 5 bbq ribs.

The rest of the meat shown is a £9.99 meat pack it includes, 3 pork chops, 3 steak burgers, 1lb of sausages, 1lb of mince and 3 chicken breasts, i swapped my mince for more burgers as these are really yummy and made with 3% fat beef so very lean, i got pork and leek sausages because i had plain ones in my BBQ pack and peppered pork chops instead of plain. I get this meat pack pretty much every week it's great value for less than £10.

£23.75 spent in asda and some of that meat will be going in the freezer for next week.

Total spend this week= £58.99.

If lidl get raspberries in i will grab some aswell, normally i would need milk to last over the weekend but because i went late in the week and i'm away on saturday i won't need any this weekend.

I'm starting next month now and i will be posting on shopping day every week to let you all know what i buy, as you can see my shopping is mostly meat, fruit and veg at the moment, very few carbs at all, i still have spuds left from last week for the kids. However carbs are the cheap bit, spuds rice and pasta are alot cheaper per weight than things like peppers and blueberries. I was abit worried i'd have to up my budget when we started dieting but it has evened out because i'm buying next to no junkfood.

So whats everyones shopping budget? do you even have one? if not i recommend giving it a try to see if you can save yourself some money.


  1. Got yourself a few bargains there am just off to aldi to get the weekly shop hoping to reduce my food budget even more this month.

    1. How was aldi? get any bargains we don't have an aldi here but lidl is pretty good for bargains.