Thursday, 25 July 2013

Jumping back on the frugal wagon!

I've had a very spendy few months with trips away, birthdays, weddings and my latest big spend...a new car!!!

Not only have my savings not went up they have acually went down :( i'm unlikely to save much before the end of september as i need to pay my creditcard and get the kids new uniform.My outgoings have also went up now i've started seeing a personal trainer and i now have to pay finance on my car.

So My plan is to spend as little as possible from now on. If you see me spending alot feel free to come tell me off.

Today will be a No Spend Day.

Foodwise for me and hubby

Breakfast-porridge and a protein shake
11am-proten shake
lunch-leftover boiled potatoes with leftover pork chops, mushrooms and peppers
4am-proten shake
dinner-leftover pork chops and brocolli
before bed-protein shake

breakfast-cornflakes and bananas
lunch-beans on toast and tinned oranges
dinner-baby new potatoes with brocolli and sausages
snacks- will be fruit or ice lollys

All drinks will be water.

Little note about my protein shakes i buy these online in bulk, I make them with water they have 22g of protein and cost just 24p a shake, my pork chop only has 13g of protein.

Now i'm off to clean my old car out to take it over as a trade in.

It was my youngests birthday yesterday so the kids will spend most of teh day playing on his new trampoline.

I hope everyone have a nice and frugal day.

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