Friday, 26 July 2013

Stocking up shopping.

Tesco sent me 3 money off vouchers, one had expired before i got it so for the next 2 weeks i have £3 off £30 spend at tesco! Now I don't usually spend £30 in tesco's i havent for along time but i will be stocking up on tins and dry goods with these vouchers. I bought

2 turkey mince
2 bags of apples
3 bags of bananas
a bag of spuds
2x 4 packs of value yogurts
2x 2litres of whole milk
2x 1litre foam bath (for filling soap dispensers)
value razors
value bar of soap
3 tins ravioli
2 tins sardines
5 tins of pineapple
5 tins of tomatoe soup
3 tins of oranges
3 tins of spag bol
3 tins of custard
2 tins of rice pudding
4 tins of spagetti
1 box of cornflakes
5 jars of finest passata (half price at 64p)
2 packs of 10 kitchen sponges
value pine cleaner
2 bottles of bleach
1 loaf of brown bread

I also got
4 packets of rolls/baps reduced to 10p
humous reduced to 15p
petit filous reduced to 15p
buttery spread reduced to 16p
2 sausage rolls reduced to 10p each
1kg of flora which i got free with a voucher

And then half way round i remebered i was out of dishwasher tablets which then threw my counting all out! so dishwasher tablets at £1.60. they also didn't have any of the bread i wanted and i need some for the morning so it cost nearly double what i had planned to spend.

Total spends £28.64

Now I am aware this does seem that healthy but we aren't going to eat this all in one week or even 2 of 3, my freezer is full of meat and veggies so we didn't need much fresh food so it made sense to stock up on things we use. I have another voucher for next week and i will post a list then aswell, it will be much healthier as we run low of healthy foods.I would only recommend this type of shopping if it's thing you will acually use before they go off.

I got a £5 off £40 spend from the till and i have a £3 off £30 spend so i will use both next week :)

Oh other spend fronts, asda have some uniform at save £1 if you buy 2 online (not sure if this is instore or not) so i bought the little person 2 sweatshirts for £3.

Food wise today

Me and hubby
breakfast-porridge and protein shake
morning snack-protein shake
lunch-brown rice with mushrooms, peppers, sun dried tomatoes and tesco lighter choices ham cooked in nandos peri peri sauce
afternoon snack-protein shake
dinner-brocolli and chicken breast with bbq sauce
before bed-protein shake maybe a banana

breakfast-cornflakes and apples
lunch-baby new potatoes, sweetcorn and leftover sausages
dinner-spagetti and meatballs

Hope you all had a great day and didn't spend too much.

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