Saturday, 10 August 2013

20 portions of cabbage for 15p !!!

When I was shopping last week i got 3 bags of pre-prepared cabbage and leeks for 5p, this stuff is really nice but £1 normally it's abit dear. however 5p is a steal. But i forgot about them so I parboiled all 3 bags of Friday and frozen them. When I say parboiled I got them up to a boil and turned the ring off leaving the lid on, this saved electric aswell :)

I don't recommend freezing raw cabbage or leeks it goes abit slimy when you defrost it, but if you pre-cook it it's grand.

So i portioned these into 4 bags each will do a dinner for us, I rarely do cabbage on it's own I usually go with some carrots of broccoli aswell.

Thats it for me today, hope you all have a lovely frugal day.

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