Monday, 16 September 2013

I'm still here...

Sorry for the lack of posting I've been so busy. Someones coming to fix my drier on Friday. Kids are all in school till lunchtime now.

Tomorrow someones coming to clean my mat aswell. Now i got this mat for free the price is still on the back of it at £495!! now I have a Vax and 2 arms and some elbows that can produce grease. However this is a heavy shag pile mat in cream! it's very grubby looking and i'm worried if i try to clean it it will never dry and the last thing i want is a musty smell. So £10 spent tomorrow i couldn't replace it with anything similar for that. I might post some before and after pictures if I remember to take any.

Now I want to talk about eBay. I love eBay and i know lots of people don't and i'm not keen as a seller, I'd much rather sell locally buy as a buyer it's fab. I have lots of cheap china jewelry that only cost me £1. i buy cheap bundles of clothes and sometimes if i can find anything local furniture aswell .But today i was buying something I needed. This.....

This is part of my potbelly stove it seals the flue. When i bought it last year I went round about 6 shops before i finally found one and it cost me £5 for the wee tiny bit you see cut. I have bought that whole sheet for £4 and it will do us 3 years as we will get 6 out of it.

I bought a Vax floor steamer on offer a few weeks back and when I have some money I will buy 3 new cloths for the price of 1.

I have a Henry hoover, to buy hoover bags in the local hardware shop is £6 for 10, I can get 20 for that off eBay.

You can also buy branded crushed laundry and dishwasher powders off eBay for pennies. sadly as i'm in Northern Ireland postage is always too high for me.

It's always worth checking eBay for things you don't need straight away as you may find them cheaper.

My winter coat this year will come from eBay and will cost less than £15. I will be ordering it soon as it will be coming from china. Charity shops around here would charge you the same for a 2nd hand coat.

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  1. I always buy parts for my appliances on line saves me a fortune even if i have to get a tradesman in to fit it still takes over £15 off the bill. Hope you get your dryer fixed soon its a nightmare not having one especially when there is uniforms to do.