Saturday, 7 September 2013

Not much happening here.

Hubby did a sponsored cycle this morning. So I've just stayed at home and cleaned.

Off to an 80th birthday party at 5 so no dinner needed. gift was on offer and i got my mums discount on it.

It's so cold I've given in and lit my fire! I'll keep it just lit and not roaring to save coal as we don't have much left.

Thats it from me today told you there wasn't much happening.


  1. Wow - you already needed to light a fire. It's hard to believe it is so cold where you are (right now I'm still experiencing warm weather).


    1. Today is very wet and cold, an hr of the heating would have done but as we decided not to get a fill of oil this year (i'll do a post on that another time) it's our only option to lift the chill.