Sunday, 8 September 2013

value stew.

We've all seen those tons of value stew right. They cost 49p each, as a dinner we'd need one each for the kids and 1 1/2 for me and hubby (we like our stew) so that would cost £3 for 12% mutton and lots of odd extras. So I make my own it's much nicer anyway :)

Meat £1.20 (half a pack I've used less than this in stew before.The rest is frozen for beef casarole)
potatoes 70p (again half the bag)
onion 10p
carrots 30p (i used 1/3 bag)
gravy 20p
seasoning 10p

Total cost £2.60 so not cheaper at all when you take into account extra cooking, but hubby had seconds and we still had a portion left for lunch.

*these are all tesco value items except for the gravy and seasonings.

Slice it all up and pop it in a pan cover with water. Bring to the boil, then turn down to a simmer for an hour. Once done stir in gravy to thicken it up. When dicing if you like a mushy gravy like me dice some of your carrots and potatoes really small.

This works great with no meat as I found out once when I forgot to add it!

This also cooks great in the slowcooker but you don't get the nice mushyness I like.

You can make this with tinned potatoes if you like.

I forgot to take any after picture but I'll add one in next time i make stew. Given the recent weather I'd say that will be pretty soon.


  1. With autumn fast approaching and winter right behind it maybe have a regular rotation of meat and non-meat stews. This will help with food costs since meat can be so expensive. Also makes sure your family is used to non-meat stews if you ever have to really pinch pennies.


    1. Hi Pru, it is true that less meat helps with a tight budget, however it does not help build muscle so doesn't suit my diet needs at the moment, lots of chicken and eggs here as they give the best protein for the lowest cost, not counting protein shakes but they also give you sugar :( boo