Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's world porridge day!

Anyone that's seen my grocery list will know I'm a huge fan of porridge, we all eat it. I make mine with full fat milk so not the healthiest or the cheapest but my porridge still only works out at 14p a bowl, you can do half water to cut costs and it's much healthier than other boxed cereals. I'm abit strange about breakfast those chocolate flavored cereals make my toes curl, why did anyone think giving a child chocolate for breakfast was a good idea?

Now I still have a very sickly boy and finally have a working drier so I'm quite busy today and I don't see the point in telling you all how to make porridge because most of you know how anyway. However i wanted to direct your attention to Mary's meals they provide porridge in schools in 3rd world country and are the brains behind world porridge day. you can find them on their site facebook or twitter.

Anyone that doesn't know how to make porridge here's A girl called Jacks express porridge
or Thrifty lesley posted a great jammy oat bars a few days ago that costs just 7p each!

How do you all like your porridge? I do mine in a pan either plain or with apple. I buy the cheap value porridge at 75p a kg and it lasts around a week, we eat it 3-4 days a week.


  1. Another huge fan of porridge here too.

    We also buy the big bag of Tesco Value porridge oats and have had varying degrees's. To begin with the kids were more the ready brek generation so I tried blending them up so they were fine but find that when they are heated then they tend to go quite sticky and gluggy so I had no chance of the kids eating them.

    I left it a few weeks and tried again with the whole flakes, my son asked if they were 'quakers' oats - not in this house but I went along with it and told him they were. He asked if he could have lots of sugar on them like at his cubs camp ---- ummmm.....No but I can give you a cool swirly effect? Yes Please man.

    So I topped it with the thinnest tiniest whirl of Golden Syrup that I could muster and he scoffed the lot, and wanting to be like her big brother my little girl followed suit.

    Happy mummy, full warm tummys :-)

    Have to also say that I am a fan of Twinks Hobnobs too which uses proodige oats as well. Happy to share the recipe but I think most MSE members know them now :-) they are rather addictive though and much to my downfall the raw mix is rather nice too - explains why Im gaining weight......

    off to read some more of your blog :-) I love it and very jealous

    1. Hi Sammy great to see you.

      The problem with twinks is it's too easy to eat too many!

      My kids are funny, they used to eat loads of porridge as kids, then we stopped giving them it because it was summer and when we tried again one of our boys (who's being assessed for autism so can be forgiven for being fussy) decided he didn't like it anymore, the other 2 slowly followed suit as no-one wants to eat porridge when there brothers eating cheerio's (own brand ofcourse). Then me and hubby started dieting in February so we were making porridge everyday and suddenly a few months ago he wanted to try it and he did so we're back to porridge here for everyone :) We generally have ours plain

      Nothing to be jealous about just me wittering on and showing you lot my tea :) your blog is great and I look forward to reading alot more.