Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stocking up for a long month ahead!

Good morning everyone, this is what my kitchen looked like yesterday afternoon

There is actually ALOT of food there, infact there is


1 cucumber
1 4 pack of yogurts
2 litres of milk
2 bags of cheese
punnet of mushrooms
cherry tomatoes


brown sauce
10 packets if dried spaghetti
3 boxes of cornflakes
18 tins of beans
9 bottles of lemonade/orange (we have guests on saturday)
1 loaf of white bread
1loaf of brown bread
2kg of pasta shapes (price matched from value ones yay :))
lasagna sheets
20 jars of pasta sauce
stock cubes
3 packets of noodles
2 tins of hotdogs (we never eat these but the kids like ikea ones and these were premium ones on offer so i thought I'd get them as a treat)
4 packets of cheese sauce
3 packets of pepper sauce
8 bottles of squash
7.5kg of spuds
2 packets of crumpets (price matched from value ones :) )
tomatoe puree
1kg onions
3 tins spagetti hoops
10 cleaning sponges
5 tins of oranges
7 tins of pineapple

This cost me £38.86 including delivery as I choose a cheaper spot and i had a £15 off £50 code.

Pairing all this with the dry stuff I already have (if you remeber i did a big stock up a month or 2 ago aswell)

Dried and packets

1 bag rice
4 bag self rasing flour
3 spagetti
4 bags pasta
1 bag porridge
1/2 box of cornflakes
10 parsley sauce
1 cheese sauce 
1 sausage casarole mix
3 chocolate rice pudding mixs
3 caramel rice pudding mixs
4 strawberry whips
7 instant custards
2 dried fruit
bag ground almonds
4 cousous
1 cheese and brocolli pasta
1/2 packet of pudding rice

tinned and jars

4 potatoe
3 sweet and sour
1 sweetcorn
1 pear
10 packets of soup
4 tins soup
2 chickpeas
7 currys
3 pineapple
1 spag bol
1 ravioli
13 tinned oranges
1 carrot
2 stuffing
12 beans
4 rice
3 custard
2 spag/hoops
tom puree
1 sardines
hot chocolate
tom/passata 9
1 jar white sauce

As you can see i have loads of food and that I even before I look in the freezer! My freezers pretty full and I will be doing a meal plan for the rest of the month at the start of the week. I may be moving after Christmas or even before so that's why I got so much beans,spagetti and pasta sauce so we can avoid the takeaway.

As you can see pretty much everything we buy is value and there's nothing wrong with it.

We are having guests for a steak night on Saturday i will spend £20 more of this months budget on chicken when I'm getting the steaks.This will leave me with around £1.60 a day to play with from milk/bread salad ect.

So I clearly won't starve on my £100 a month food budget. I recommend you all make a list of the food you actually have and try to use it up even if you just do 3-4 meals a week from your freezer. I will be doing every meal from my freezer and cupboards for the rest of the month and most likely right up til Christmas.

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  1. Wow! That is a ton of food. I see pasta in your future :-) I am still working on menu planning but when I do it, it works so well. ~ Pru